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Hello, my name is Rahadian Bisma in the cyber world but I usually use djiebrats as a nick name. I was a graduate of Computer Science from UBAYA. I currently work in one of the institutions of government but I am still working on some freelance projects on a part-time. is also currently busy trying to finish college with a Master's Degree in ITS Computer Science courses interest area of information systems thank you for visiting this website. and I hope you all enjoy.

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currently working as a lecturer in UNESA, and as a consultant for DKI-Jakarta on eKinerja application. I once worked on a section of Surabaya City Government Program Development. as a programmer and System Administrator.

My job description DKI-Jakarta on me as a consultant to help the city government to translate their wishes according to local regulations into an application. application that serves as a registrar of activity performance and calculate income support obtained by any public servant in DKI-Jakarta. This application is under the Regional Personnel Agency (BKD) and is used by all civil servants in DKI-Jakarta, a total of about 70 thousand users.

Job description when in Bina Program is to develop and maintain e-budgeting software owned by the city government. ebudgeting software used in the preparation of financial budgets on the site by the city government of Surabaya to facilitate the preparation of the regional budget (APBD). software incorporated in some other software that supports one another. e-budgeting software is as the beginning of all the software that is on GRMS (government's Resource Management System).

tools: PHP, Symfony Framework, Java script, Ajax, Prototype (JS Framework), XML, Postgres Database, SSH, Linux, Apache2.

In addition I also do some web applications but this is only part time. Founder and Owner Garudasolution Web Hosting and IT Solution

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I serve a wide range of products and services related to Information Technology. among other things:

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